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Introducing the Living Intent Nomad Camping Yurt

It’s summer, time for river escapades, nights under the stars, live music, and all sorts of events, fairs, and festivals. We’re excited to get out and enjoy all the joy this season has to offer, if we can ever get out of the shop! We’ve been working hard all this spring, building yurts, delivering yurts, installing yurts, selling yurts. Pretty much if you put most safe-for-work adjectives in front of yurt, and a few NSFW too, we’ve been doing it. If you follow our newsletter, you know we’ve been working hard on designing a new yurt model, one which we’re proud to have finally finished prototyping and have available for our customers; our Camping Yurt! I’m sure some of you have been on the edge of your seats waiting for this news, and don’t worry, we have to too. Literally, we haven’t had time to sit down on more than the edge of our seats in months.

What’s a Camping Yurt?

Our Camping Yurt is our newest model, following the same design as our larger, full-size yurts, just on a smaller scale. Our Camping Yurt’s come in at 12 ft. in diameter, and stand 5’3” tall. Unlike our full-size yurt models, which come with an equally full-size wooden door, our Camping Yurt model has a collapsible door frame and vinyl door cover that breaks down easily for transport.

But, why Camping Yurts?

We designed our Camping Yurt after getting numerous requests from our customers for a smaller yurt model. With other glamping tents in mind, we strove to create a lighter, sleeker, and in our humble opinion, radder alternative to some of the other options available. Camping, glamping and all things in between is in it’s popularity heyday, and as we’ve talked about in previous posts, many of our customers purchase our yurts in order to use as auxiliary housing or short term rentals. For many of our customers, the smaller size could actually work better for what they are using it for. Our Camping Yurts still have all the great features that make yurt camping a desirable experience for so many people, just in a smaller, more easily managed space. And as we’ve said before, it’s often better to do more with less.

To the masses!

Beyond AirBnB, Hipcamp, or other rental options, the possibility we’re most excited about with our Camping Yurts is for festivals and large events. If you’ve been to any large festival or outdoor event in recent years, chances are you’ve seen a VIP, or boutique camping zone, complete with a variety of differently shaped tents to accommodate patrons. While we’ve got mad love for all the folks in this crazy glamping, camping and outdoor living game, we’ve noticed a few major flaw in these competitor/compatriots designs. First, they are a serious undertaking to set up, and yes, take down. Our Camping Yurt can be set up in less than fifteen minutes. But don’t take our word for it. Watch the video.

Second, and perhaps most detrimental to the sanctity of many a glamper’s shins, are all the lead lines. Not only do these present a serious tripping hazard, but they also increase the space required for each structure by almost half. Our Camping Yurts have no lead lines. That’s right, no lead lines. They stand up all on their own.

As we grow our own rental fleet, we’ll be offering our Camping Yurts as rentals for festivals and events all over the west coast. Delivery, installation, and take-down are included in the price. Our Camping Yurts are strong, sturdy, and a novel way for people to enjoy the outdoors while still having the comfort of a clean, cozy, indoor space. Contact us today for more info, pricing, or any questions at all.

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