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Staying Cozy in Your Yurt All Winter Long: Rigid Insulation Kits

Another year is on the cusp of passing us by. It’s been a year of change and growth for everyone, adjusting to new normals, and trying to find some semblance of rhythm within the world and our climate’s increasing unpredictability. At Living Intent, we’ve been keeping busy continuing with the mission we set out on years ago with the first yurt driven across the country in the back of the big blue van; to provide affordable, beautiful, and sustainable homes and structures for people to live and stay in and get closer to the natural splendor all around us. A lot has changed with our products, our company, and our process, and we’re excited to begin sharing more of this with you over the coming months and years.

Yurt winter woodstove
Winter time yurt living

As winter approaches us, it’s important to take stock of the year behind and the one ahead. The summer can get lost in a flurry of activity, and especially for us in Northern California, the near-constant dread of fire season. The rains have come early this year, and we are fortunate enough to have ample time and space to slow down and reflect. And what better place to slow down and reflect than in your yurt insulated with one of our now better than ever insulation kits!

Production Updates: Meet Bill!

Before we get into our new kits, let’s talk about production. One of the biggest changes to our company has been the introduction of a CNC machine to our workflow process. For those of you who don’t know, a CNC, or Computer Numerical Control machine, is a device that automates control of machining equipment. In layman’s terms, it’s a computer that can cut, shape, and process materials to an exact specification, time after time. We’ve named ours Bill. Welcome to the team, Bill.

CNC Machine Yurt
Bill the CNC Machine

After a lot of prototyping and playing around with other people’s CNC machines, we decided to take the plunge and invest in one of our own. While this was no small investment, we feel that it was well worth it to be able to provide our customers with the highest quality and most consistent product on the market. With the addition of this machine, we’ve been able to speed up our production time and achieve uniformity with our products.

Rigid Insulation Kits

Yurt Insulation Kit
Rigid Insulation Kit Installation

When it comes to our insulation kits, we’re now able to precision cut triangles to fit snugly in between the rafters of our yurts. Our new insulation kits are made of R10 rigid polystyrene foam, which comes in at 2” thick. Insulation is rated on an R scale for its use, and R10 is the standard for homes, walls, foundations, and roofs. These new rigid insulation kits are to be used in addition to, not instead of, our prior insulation kits. A complete yurt insulation kit would now be composed of our new R10 rigid insulation foam, a ½” of dead air space, and lastly, our mylar coated double bubble insulation. The dead air space between the layers greatly increases your insulation rating, creating a buffer of air that has to be heated, or cooled, before the outside elements can affect the ambient temperature of your yurt’s interior.

Beyond Glamping: Bridging the Gap From Yurt to Home

Yurt with Rigid Insulation Kit
Yurt with Rigid Insulation Kit

With the addition of a rigid insulation kit, you can bring your yurt a step closer to the feel and comfort of a standard house, but keep all the benefits of modular living. These kits will protect your yurt even more from the elements, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. In any building, you lose most of the heat through the roof. Our precision cut insulation triangles keep your warmth where you want it; inside your yurt and inside of you. The rigid insulation also has a noise dampening effect and will keep your yurt quieter and more serene in the rain, wind, storms of any kind, or noisy neighbors, if you’ve got them. Lastly, these kits will make your yurt stronger and more stable, tying together the rafters and walls and making your yurt less vulnerable to wind or storms. With the addition of this new insulation, you can truly make a yurt house into a yurt home.

Availability & Pricing

Yurt winter
Living Intent Yurt in the snow

As of now, the Rigid Insulation Kits are only available on our 20’ yurts. Winter is coming fast, so you should act now to purchase, and install, one of our kits before the cold sets in. In the past two years, we’ve all had to reflect on what is important to us, and what makes life worth living. How much is your comfort worth to you?

As always, feel free to reach out to our communications team with any questions and specifically for more information about pricing and delivery.

Stay cozy family.

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