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Yurt Care & Maintenance

Even before the very first time you think about owning one of our yurts, up to when you’re actually inside of it fully assembled, there is a whole lot that goes on. From all the work on our end, the design, the shaping, the cutting and the sewing, to everything on yours, the planning, the saving, the spending, and the waiting, your yurt has been the focus of a great deal of thought and preparation before it even gets to you. After all that, you’re going to want to take special care of your yurt to ensure it stays in excellent condition from the moment you receive it. With proper care, your yurt will last twenty years or more. That’s why we’ve assembled this list of our recommendations for yurt care and maintenance. Read on to find out our insider tips on how to keep your yurt looking, and feeling, so fresh and so clean for years to come.


One of the parts of your yurt that you will want to clean and maintain the most frequently is your door. Your door will not only see some of the most action out of any part of your yurt, opening and shutting and opening again every day it’s in use, but it is also exposed to the elements. We build our doors to last, out of high quality lumber and with a weatherproof finish, but will require some upkeep from time to time. First and foremost, keeping your door clean and dry is the most important part of ensuring it’s longevity. Avoid harsh cleaners, and just wipe down the surface with warm water and soap.

To go even farther in maintaining the door to your yurt, you can periodically apply a coat of oil to all of the wooden surfaces on your door. We recommend Watco Teak Oil, but any similar oil should work fine. You don’t need to do any stripping down of previous layers of oil for this process, you can just simply reapply a fresh coat of oil on a seasonal basis, or any time you notice your door’s luster and shine begin to fade. This oil can be brushed, sprayed or wiped on, and should be dry to the touch in about eight hours. The oil can be applied as needed, but in general it's a good idea to reapply a couple times a year. For the wooden slats which comprise the lattice of your yurt, you can just dust regularly and clean them with warm water and soap if needed.

Acrylic: Windows and Center Dome

After the doors, the next parts of your yurt to pay special care to are all of the acrylic surfaces. This includes the window on your door, any windows in the walls of your yurt, and the center domes. All of these components are made out of the same material, only of a differing thickness, and so can be cared for in the same way. You should regularly wash these surfaces with warm water and soap, and as with the door, avoid any harsh cleaning products. When needed, you can periodically follow up washing the acrylics with soap by using a cleaner such as Brilianize. If you notice your acrylic windows or dome becoming cloudy, then an application of Brillianize is just what you need to keep the light streaming on through and into your yurt.


When it comes to flooring, your cleaning technique will rely on what type of flooring you’ve chosen to install in your yurt. We’re going to go over vinyl floors here, since those are the types of floors utilized by the vast majority of our customers. The best way to keep your vinyl flooring looking shiny and fresh is to sweep regularly. Beyond that, you can generally clean your vinyl floor with warm water, with either a standard or a Swiffer type mop. If needed, a mild soap-free detergent can be used to clean your floors. Always avoid using harsh cleaners on your vinyl flooring, as this can dull the finish.

Final Tips

Beyond these maintenance tips, the best way to keep your yurt looking, and smelling, fresh and clean is to ensure that it remains both dust and mold free. The single greatest way to keep your yurt mold free is to install a wood stove. The dry heat from a wood stove will do wonders to prevent the build up of mold. While useful in a pinch, propane heaters let off a lot of moisture as they heat, which can actually increase the likelihood of mold build up in your yurt. A great option for both heating and cooling your yurt is a Mini Split, which is a ductless air conditioner that can also provide heat.

After everything that goes into getting your yurt, you’ll want to be sure to follow our maintenance tips to keep it in the same excellent condition in which it arrives.

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