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Handcrafted Yurts

Living Intent Yurts are built from high quality and sustainably sourced materials for homesteaders, property owners, retreat centers, and anyone looking for structures that are light on the land, and on the wallet!



Reimagine Outdoor Living

Our Base Models

We start the process with one of our five base model floor plans. From there we can offer several customizable variations to better fit your specific needs.



Floor Plan

  • Internal Area: 154 sq ft

  • Wall Height: 86"

  • Center Ring Height: 10'

  • Two 3'x4' Marine Grade Vinyl Windows 

Base Price: $7,300



Floor Plan

  • Internal Area: 201 sq ft

  • Wall Height: 86"

  • Center Ring Height: 11'

  • Two 3'x4' Marine Grade Vinyl Windows 

Base Price: $8,550

20' Burg_Brown Yurt.JPG

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A resource to aid your install.

Our platform assembly guides are one of our free resources helping to empower you during the construction of your yurt’s foundation. If you have any questions please reach out to our team for assistance.

All I can say is "Thank you"! What a great experience and fun project. I am so happy I went with Living Intent Yurt Company. From day one they were delightful to talk with, never trying to up sell me.  So informative and patient, never taking advantage of my lack of knowledge around yurts. Thank you for making this project seamless!

Douglas S.


How much does it really cost?

So you’re thinking about becoming a yurt dweller. You’ve seen the social media posts, a rental on Hipcamp, or Airbnb, or maybe you’ve had the chance to see and stay in one yourself. Either way, you’ve got the bug....

Yurt Interior.jpg


How will you use your Yurt?

Our clients use for our yurts spans far and wide. Whether it's for a long-term stay, temporary vacation, or even a passive income rental. The craftsmanship and innovation that go into each and every one of our yurts create a unique dwelling experience.


Is it easy to set up a Living Intent Yurt?

Living Intent Yurts are designed for simple installation, break-down, and transport. Full-sized, 14’-20’ yurts, can be built by a team of two first-time builders in as little as one to two days.

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