Handcrafted Yurts

Designed & Built


Grass Valley, CA


Who is

Living Intent?

Living Intent got it's start in the woods of northern Maine. Beginning with just a single yurt and a passion for a sustainable lifestyle, we began to build yurts for our neighbors, friends, and more.  Settled now in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, we’re proud to offer our handcrafted yurts to our customers up and down the west coast, as well as wherever mail is delivered!

How easy is it to setup a Living Intent Yurt?

Our yurts are designed to be simple as possible to set up and take down. Full-sized yurts can usually be set up in a couple of hours by 1-2 people.


LIT Yurts

Our full-sized yurts, available in a number of sizes and configurations.


Living Intent?

Living Intent Yurts are built from high quality and sustainably sourced materials for homesteaders, property owners, retreat centers, and anyone looking for structures that are light on the land, and on the wallet!